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bNeat Organizing provides comprehensive organizing solutions in the metro Atlanta area. With over ten years experience, Brenda applies efficient and creative techniques to build a highly individualized, hands-on approach to problem solving. She and her clients work together to develop optimum and lasting systems for home and office organizing.





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Meet Brenda Wagman

Originally from Canada, Brenda earned a Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Arts in Audiology from State University of New York, Buffalo. After practicing audiology for 10 years in Toronto, Brenda and her family relocated to Larchmont, NY. She decided to combine her love for helping people with her passion for creating orderly, streamlined spaces, and began working in Westchester and Manhattan as a professional organizer in 2007. After moving to Atlanta in 2015, Brenda launched bNeat Organizing to provide state of the art organizing techniques for individuals and families who wish to simplify their space at a time!


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"Brenda was FABULOUS! Very easy to work with - the fact that she has every SKU for you to purchase from Container Store was also an easy shopping trip. She discovered drawers I didn't know that I had for foil, cling wrap, etc. We have stuck with it and we maximized our space so much I now have areas that are literally empty! I highly recommend her!"

Kamla, Atlanta, GA, provided Kitchen Organizing

"Brenda used her expertise and years of experience to show me how to take an overwhelming task and turn it into a very manageable project that yielded amazing results. We tackled basement storage, bedroom closets and drawers, and more. "

Karen, Atlanta, GA, provided Downsizing Services

"Brenda was wonderfully helpful after a stressful move. We had numerous boxes to unpack, organize, and decide what to keep after a renovation project in our new home. I was paralyzed by the idea of having to manage this task, but Brenda came in and immediately helped to move and organize the mountain of boxes sitting in our new home. She was so amazing that she ended up helping us set up our newly renovation kitchen, as well as organize bathrooms, and the master closet. "

Sarah, Atlanta, GA, provided Unpacking and Home Organizing

"Working with Brenda was wonderful. She made a daunting task very manageable, with hands-on guidance every step of the way. She listened to our needs and put systems in place that are easy to maintain. Highly recommended!"

Lisa, Larchmont, NY, provided Office Organizing

"Brenda and her services were life-changing as we put our home back together after a renovation. She created systems in our home that are still keeping us organized 3 years later.  Not only was she efficient and effective in her work, and a lovely person to work with, but she also has a great eye and wants her work to be both organized and beautiful. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Brenda is incredibly fortunate. We miss her in New York!"
Nancy, Larchmont, NY, Home Organization



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